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Monday, June 30, 2008

No time for Cynicism
Listening to today's announcements (online) from Ara Darzi and the clinical SHA leads there was no place for cynicism.  In the past I've worried that medical leadership issues would get in the way of delivering real change in the NHS (see the item I wrote last autumn in Thinking for Doing). 
What's impressive for me is the practicality of the speakers' recommendations.  And the sense they have been part of something that has significantly shifted the ground.  I saw some of that happening in recent work with a health community's clinicians, managers and public coming togther to make real progress on otherwise intractible issues.
My worries cannot be removed overnight - is this just the usual suspects, how can this be brought to bear with others, how many have found the process too much?  Yet these are issues which can be addressed if the spirit and will are right.
Today's announcements showed me that this does have the potential to be deliverable.  That's a huge step forward.
2:12 pm gmt

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What are you thinking about?
Sometimes I write down what I am thinking about, and some of those thoughts are here on this web-site (Click here to see some examples).  Do they get you thinking?
I'd be really interested to learn what you are thinking about - whether it is leadership, change, the state of the NHS, medics as leaders - whatever....
I'm writing a piece on 'how the NHS thinks', so if you are interested on what are the prevailing mindsets or fliters through which the NHS sees the world and itself, let me know your thoughts here - or write to me...
10:38 am gmt

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