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Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Doldrums?
Keeping the momentum going over the summer has always been difficult -people just aren't available, just as the cycle in the financial year moves from early stages planning to full-scale implementation, the heat seems to affect the way people think and act...And wouldnt it make sense to wait for the promised response from X (the DH?), Y (the SHA?) or Z (the Top Team?)?  
Despite everyone's attempts this cycle repeats - this year the national procurement of World Class Commissioning support creates a classic planning vacuum, and 3 year planning cycles dont seem to make that much difference to when favoured projects actually kick off.
Familiar? But it doesnt have to be so and not just because there's not much sign of a heatwave! IMHO it takes a combination of forward-planning, a little risk-taking (working at risk) and the right attitudes.  The first is perhaps the most obvious - nothing more than good project management.  The others are a deal more complex.  Do you have a solution to these, are there other factors I've missed? In either case I'd love to hear from you, but these are also areas where I have inputs to offer :-) !
And whatever you are up to, have a good summer!
3:07 pm gmt

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